Bastille Day Celebration Dinner - July 15, 2012!

Cher Confreres,
As has been our tradition for the last number of years, we will be holding our annual Bastille Day celebration at Urbano Café located at 1410 Fitzhugh on Sunday July 15th. While in the past this has been an informal event, this year, thanks to our 2 new Ecuyer members Alston Williamson and Kevin Kia, we will be having a more traditional Chaine dinner that promises to set a new standard for these events.
The evening will begin at 5:30 at which time passed appetizers will be served with champagne and white wine with dinner to follow at 6:15. Urbano Café has two different sites, one a main dining room and another private dining area slightly down the sidewalk.  We will use both of the areas with the reception being in the main dining room and dinner being served in the private area. This is a relatively small room that will accommodate only 36-40 individuals so this will be a small event that will be first come, first served.
Chef Ke'o, a former Chaine Young Chef Competition winner and an acclaimed local chef will be preparing a 6-7 course meal with fun twists on classic French flavors. As Urbano Café allows diners to bring in their own wines, we encourage you to bring in your own French wines as alternate pairings especially with the lamb course.  It can be any wine, but we would recommend a Bordeaux.  We will also be having a best bottle contest with the winner receiving a nice gift.  Given the festive nature of the evening, I’m certain there will be a few other “added attractions”, perhaps musical, that will take place!  
The price for this event will be $145 per person and as noted above as it will be a small event it will almost certainly sell out soon so I encourage you to sign up as soon as possible.
The dress will be casual with ribbons.  I am also pleased to report that we have received our new Dallas Chaine pin that features the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge which will be distributed to all members who attend.
Please RSVP by Tuesday, July 10th to Janet Love at  and as always, your payment will be your reservation.  You can pay be either cash, check, credit card via the "buy now" button below. Guests are strongly encouraged, especially those who are prospective members.

Scroll down to see the menu.

Vive la France and Vive la Chaine!
Clay Cockerell



Chaine des Rotisseurs Bastille Day Celebration Dinner



 Courgette, Citrus, Avocado, Etorki, Candied Nuts



Sun Choke with Corn Cream, Seared Scallop and Sun Choke Chips



Venison, Chevre, and Micros Bulls Blood



Heirloom Melon Sorbet with Crispy Lardon and Lavender Honey


Magret de Canard


Seared Duck Breast, Squash Ravioli, Pickled Ramps, Wild Cherry Tomatoes and Sour Cherry Demi-Glace


Steak Frites

Lamb Tenderloin, Bone Marrow, Nicoise Potato 



To be determined



Pain Perdu, Creme Fraiche Ice Cream


Wines will be paired with each course and will be included in the next announcement


You are encouraged to bring your own French wine, especially Bordeaux, to compare with the selected wine for the lamb course.