January 25, 2014- Chinese New Year Celebration


Dear Chaine and Mondiale Members,

The first event to kick off 2014 will be a celebration of Chinese New Year on Saturday, January 25th at 7:00pm, located at J.S. Chen’s Dim Sum and BBQ, 240 Legacy Road in Plano.  We enjoyed this restaurant last year and it was a great event that was very modestly priced with most checks being around $40.00 per couple.   

We will order off the menu or from the servers with dim sum carts and each person will pay for their dinner directly to the restaurant.  This will be a BYOB wine dinner where we will have ordered Peking Duck in advance for each table in addition to ordering off the menu.  Also, I strongly recommend that you bring your own wine glasses as the wine glasses at the restaurant are definitely not up to Chaine standards.

The attire is casual with ribbons. 

Please reply to Tami if you will be attending as soon as possible,


Vive La Chaine and L’Ordre Mondiale!


Clay Cockerell