It’s an Olympic year, and you’re invited to attend the kick off dinner for Team USA . 

Members of the Dallas Chaine are in for an amazing culinary experience.  The Epicurean World Master Chef Society and several additional talented Dallas area chefs will dazzle the Dallas Chaine on Sunday April 1, 2012 at Park City Club.

Dinner will feature 15 Executive chefs from the Culinary Olympic Team. Before each course, chefs will offer an explanation for how each course is conceived, prepared, designed, plated and presented. (See the attached file for biographical information on the participating chefs.) 

There will be a 3 judge panel for this unique event. The judging process will be discussed and explained in detail.  International competition rules will be outlined.  Members at the dinner will get to vote alongside the professional judges.  Following dinner, we’ll adjourn to another room for an incredible dessert display with action stations.  And then, all of the chefs will grab a glass of wine and join Chaine members and their guests.  You will have an opportunity to visit with each of the chefs who had a hand in creating the evening’s festivities.

This event will double as a fundraiser for Team USA . A portion of the proceeds from the price of this extravagant 5 course meal (plus hors d ‘oeuvres and dessert) will help the team in their effort to take Gold at their next competition. We’re working on a few surprises to compliment this evening.  A very talented group of chef’s gastronomic prowess will be on display.  Set aside the date, invite your friends, bring prospective members.  At our core, the Chaine des Rotisseurs is a food organization.  And this Olympic dinner will be a food event you won’t want to miss!

Due to the nature of this competition, dinner will be strictly limited to 75 attendees.  Invitations will be mailed the first week in March.  Payment will reserve your spot at the table.


Vive la Chaine!
Olympic Dinner (Member price. $165.00 per person.)

Olympic Dinner (Non-member price. $175.00 per person.)